Due to the pandemic, a lot of time is spent at home which has resulted in an increased usage and demand of smarter home gadgets. Therefore, Home Electrical accessories like spike guard, Flexi cord , mutiplug adaptors etc. has observed a rise in demand for high quality, durable better connected products. Connectivity is vital and hence these accessories have become the need of the hour. Panasonic Life Solutions India, one of the largest Electrical construction material company reveals its new ‘Smart Anchor’ series. This range explicitly targets all-in-one connectivity of multiple devices.

Panasonic Life Solutions India is the first to launch a bell with resettable fuse feature. This not only makes it unique, but also ensures enhanced safety. The Ding Dong Resettable Bell can make a significant impact with its extraordinary feature, to cut off the power supply when operated continuously for more than 15 seconds and will again reset after some time. This bell not only cuts off the current which will safe guard the Bell from burning but also it will automatically reset to normal operation, further it increases the overall life span of the bell, provides enhanced safety and saves the bell from burning in comparison to the regular bell.

Panasonic Life Solutions India Pvt Ltd has constantly endeavored to deliver simplistic solutions for the residential and commercial premises. The introduction of these products facilitate smooth functioning, specifically for multiple devices.