Anchor by Panasonic Introduces Penta Modular Flat Switches

Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND) has announced the launch of Penta Modular Flat switches.

Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches

Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches

The range include 1-way Switch, 2-way Switch, Bell Push and 32A DP switch in 6A and 16A rating as a part of the product line.

The Penta Modular Flat switches will appeal to customers who are looking for trendy yet affordable home solutions to transform their interior designs.

Penta Modular Flat Switch design is inspired by KNX (Home automation) switches, which are into luxury segment, apart from its design and cost-effective and high-quality solution, Penta Modular Flat range of switches is a successful combination of design and functionality, providing double arc protection and a soft sound switch to its end users.

We know what the brand Penta means to the Indian market and our team is always working tirelessly to launch new models at frequent intervals, so we can keep up with the taste of the ever-evolving Indian switch market. Here’re a few of the products which we have launched recently.

Anchor Penta Modular Switches & Accessories in glossy white, Front removal accessories for easy fitment. The quality of our products in what really helps us in staying ahead of our competitors.

Penta Modular is a brand new offering from Penta, India’s first piano switch. Carrying the trust of unparalleled safety, Penta Modular comes with a bold yet brilliant aesthetic appeal.

Sleeker and cleaner in appearance

Commenting on the introduction of this new range of switches, Rajesh Nandwani, BU Head, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “We observed a trend that consumers are now looking for sleeker and cleaner-appearing solutions to redo their homes.

To ensure the needs of our young discerning consumers are being met, we are launching the Penta Modular Flat Switches in Kerala. The range is super slim and stylish.

With our global expertise, Panasonic Life Solutions India strives to provide the finest in comfort, safety, and convenience to our consumers in India.”

Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches

Are you tired of boring and outdated light switches in your home or office? Look no further than Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches! These sleek and modern switches not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, but also offer a range of functional advantages.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches work, their benefits over traditional switches, and even provide a step-by-step guide for easy installation. So let’s dive into the world of smart switching with Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches!

How do Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches Work?

Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches utilize advanced technology to provide efficient and reliable performance.

These switches use a modular design inspired by KNX (Home automation) switches, which are into luxury segment, apart from its design and cost-effective and high-quality solution that allows for easy customization and expansion of your electrical system.

The switches are available in 6A & 16A and can be easily replaced or upgraded as needed.

The switches feature screwless terminals for quick and hassle-free installation. The press-fit switch mechanism provides smooth operation.

In addition to their innovative design features, Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches offer several functional advantages over traditional switches, including precise control over lighting levels and an extended lifespan due to reduced wear on mechanical parts.

Anchor Penta Modular Flat Switches are the perfect solution for those looking for a smart, modern alternative to traditional light switches that offers both style and functionality without compromise.

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